Monday, September 22, 2008


One of the byproducts of being the mother of a food allergic child is that people send me all kinds of interesting articles, information about new research, etc. My sister-in-law Mandy sent me a link to an article about the woman who writes this blog: and in reading her blog, I found out about some new things happening with food labeling practices in the United States.

Apparently, there was recently an open FDA hearing about "may contain" statements. The AFAA is trying to find out how people are using "may contain" statements and advise the FDA appropriately. If you would like to add your voice, please participate in this short survey about food labels:

It only took me a few minutes, and in addition to enabling me to be heard, I also took the opportunity to examine how I am using those elusive "may contain" statements, and what I really think they mean. Thank goodness for byproducts!

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