Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I first met Sally...well, I actually haven't ever met Sally in person. But Sally is one of my online friends. She contacted me shortly after Sophie Safe Cooking was published, because we have a common goal: to LIVE with food allergies.

At the time that Sally and I first "met" she was writing a blog called Aprovechar, in which she discusses the dietary changes she has made over the years, why she made changes, and the benefits she's experienced as a result. She has had other projects over the years as well, but her newest one is a culmination of all of those:


As you explore Sally's new website, you will find beautiful and inspiring photography (did I mention that she's an artist, too?), stories of lives she's helped to change, and resources to help you change and improve your food world.

Thank you, Sally, for encouraging others, and especially encouraging me, on our continued journey through food!

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