Saturday, August 29, 2009

Food Allergies are a Blessing?!

People often talk about how hard it is to manage food allergies, especially with a list like Sophie's. And it is terribly difficult. When managing food allergies, there are all kinds of steps added to your meal preparation that you wouldn't normally take. For example, reading every label, calling the restaurant or caterer before the meal, being prepared with snacks and treats in case there's nothing that will work or the one safe food gets cross-contaminated. If you didn't have food allergies, would you even know what cross-contamination is? I wouldn't!

And yet, with all of that, managing food allergies is such a simple task compared with so many others. Children with food allergies have literally every physical and educational opportunity that everyone has, unlike children with Downs' Syndrome. Children with food allergies know how to prevent an attack, unlike children with epilepsy. Adults with food allergies typically recover completely after an attack, unlike adults with Multiple Sclerosis. And so, I submit that when compared with other lifelong illnesses, food allergies are indeed a blessing.