Monday, April 11, 2011

Illinois Test of Basic Meals

Between Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and this article about a school in Chicago Public Schools, it looks like some people are pushing a policy that we must allow the schools to feed our children. I have to say, this is one of the more bizarre governmental controls that I've seen. If we can't be trusted to provide our children with a healthy lunch, can we be trusted?

In the Chicago Public School article, the author clearly states that children with food allergies or medical issues are allowed to bring their own lunches. I wonder, though, what about children with food sensitivities, unproven in an allergist's office? What about children who's autism (or other disorder) is more easily managed when certain food groups are eliminated?

The article also states that many children choose not to eat the school lunch, leaving them with no choice but to go hungry. I am quite sure at least two of my children would make this choice on a regular basis, which would leave them starving and me furious! Do you think parents like me could bypass the rule if we have an above average score on the Illinois Test of Basic Meals?

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